Speed 20MPH*
Range Up to 25 miles*
Weight 46 lbs
Power 36V 350W Brushless DC
Battery Lithium Ion 36V
Motor 350W Brushless, geared
Gears 6 speed Shamano Tourney with push button and on/off switch to disable pedal assist
Frame Aluminum
Frame Style Folding
Pedals Folding
Riding Modes Traditional/ PAS/ Throttle only
Tires 20" flat resistant
Brakes V-Brakes
Accessories Included Rear rack and strap, Front basket, hardwired LED headlight with battery level indicator, Rear tail light, Saddle with seat post shock absorber and Tool kit
Charging Time 4 hrs

*Power range depends on terrain, average speed, rider weight, tire pressure, winds, hills,
etc., all have an impact on mileage and speed.
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Enjoy bicycling with the ability to pedal as much or as little as you like. With the Lightning Bug you have the option of pedaling with no assist, with pedal assist or just by using the throttle.
With  the 36V 350W Brushless DC motor you have speeds up to 20 MPH and a range of up to 25 miles. Riding and transporting your bike is easy with this lightweight aluminum folding frame. The compact design of the bike folded makes for easy storage in motor homes, rv's boats and airplanes. The removable lithium ion battery allows charging in only 4 hours in the office, apartment or anywhere you have a standard 110 outlet. With the hardwired headlight with battery level indicator there are no batteries to change. For your convenience and comfort the Lightning Bug comes with a rear rack and strap, front colapsable basket and shock absorber on the seat post. You will have peace of mind knowing you have flat resistant tires and V-brakes.
This is a great bike for riding to work, shopping or just for fun.