Treck metrotrack 750. It has the geared rear amped bike kit with a 10 ah 36vdc sla pack. We converted the rear shifter to twist grip and relocated it to the left side making room for the throttle and on/off switch on the right side. It looks stock and rides smooth as glass. The controller is mounted on the front of the bag with zip ties. We still need to hide the wire hairball.The bike has center pull brakes and were easily adjusted for the new center wheel position.The pack is fused with a thirty amp blade fuse and a rocker switch. 

This is a Kustom Kruiser bike with wide tires and a coaster brake. We put an Amped Bike front geared brushless motor kit on the bike with a torque arm for safety. The battery is a 36 volt 12 AH amped bike kit with bag and charger. The pack is mounted on a modified aluminum bike rack in the triangle for balance. There are no brake handles. We used a thumb throttle and the on/off switch mounted on the right handle bar grip. The grips are big with chrome skull tips.  Our goal was to maintain the look of the bike, while keeping it safe and well balanced. It is a one speed bike so the electric power will assist on hills. The ride is smooth with the big tires and you feel kool with the ape hanger handle bars. 
We made a custom battery case for the new bike with the aluminum frame and steel swing arm. The case is made of pine and masonite with glue and nail gun brads. The cells are sla 9ah and nicely fit in the triangle. The width is only 2.75 inches so your legs don't rub. It weights about 15 lbs.. Michelle at Chrysalis ReCreations fitted a nice canvas cover with velcro and lightning bolts! the bike has a 36 volt rear geared Amped bike kit hub motor.It rides nice.The bike has good balance. We can fit it with the 10AH lithium pack in the triangle or the sla pack. The sla pack is less expensive (250.00 with charger) and the lithium is 495.00 with charger.I like the bike because you dont need a rack and it is easy to get on and off, even if you are old like me. Bike with just the motor kit installed is 599.00. You can buy the bike and the battery pack separately and we will install the battery of your choice. We can make a custom pack with your choice of decorations for 250.00 with charger. 


Customer brought in a classic ebike called a charger. It has two chains, one for the motor and one for the pedals.He wanted more power and we worked our scheme to overvolt the 24 volt motor using a 36 volt controller and battery pack. We mounted the controller and pack in the triangle for better weight distribution. We used heavy wiring, a forty amp fuse, direct connected the motor to avoid using a weak looking plug. He wanted a thumb throttle located on the left handle bar to avoid moving the shifter and brake handle on the right. With a 1000 watt controller and a pack made of 7ah sla batteries, I had some concerns about range. He rode the bike home from the shop to southeast portland north of hawthorne from our shop in oak gorve with not reported problems.He said the motor did not heat up. He didnt say how much he pedaled or give details on the range of the battery pack. I enjoyed the build because it is a quality factory made ebike from years ago. We brought back to life and it looks and performs like a bike should. It is peppy and smooth.
Schwinn Sidewinder bike with 36 volt pack and currie brushed motor. Controller is 1000 watt 36 volt with thumb throttle.  Bike is quick. Custom 36 volt 12 ah pack is fused and has plug for 36 v charger with fitted cover by Michelle at Chrysalis ReCreations. 1000 watt controller mounted in open air for cooling. 30 amp fuse. Pack location in triangle gives good balance. Thumb throttle is hall effect unit and allows normal shifter location.
Stretch Bike

The stretch cycle is a long wheel base recumbent. It is made from two bikes, a Magna mountain bike and a Huffy bmx. It has a 26 inch rear Amped Bike geared hub motor and a 20 inch wheel in the front. The controller is an Amped Bike 22 amp unit. We used the thumb throttle. The batteries are SLA gel 17 ah, with four in series making about 52 volts fully charged. The battery packs are built with two batteries, a 30 amp fuse, a chergerplug and a heavy wire pig tail. We can recharge using two 24 volt 1.8 amp chargers. The seat is a Planet Bike tractor seat. Brakes are side pull calipers. Kick stand is a modified Huffy unit. Volt meter is a digital led mini panel meter mounted in a shortened flashlight, mounted under the handle bar. The bike uses both cranks, two chains and the stock shimano derailleur, with a new classic down tube shifter. The battery enclosure is made of electrical metal tubing (conduit) with vertical flat bar reinforcements. A second derailluer was used to tension the front chain. Steering parts from the donor bikes were modified using mountain bike tubing to move bars back about 20 inches. Steering behaves like a tiller. We used a wire feeder welder, cutting wheels, grinders, drills and zip ties to fabricate the stretch cycle. During testing the bike rides smooth and has good acceleration.The batteries make the bike heavy, but the weight is down low giving the stretch bike good balance. We used bike parts when possible to keep the stretch cycle a bicycle by definition. Some bike parts are new while most came from donor bikes. Learning to steer the long bike is awkward at first, but gets easier with practice. We need to do a range test and see how it likes to climb hills. The build was fun. Testing is exciting. If you want one, we can build it.