The customer said the ranger would not charge, would not drive and had a bad smell coming from the battery pack. We had the truck delivered to the shop and worked to repair the pack. We removed the bed to make everything visible. There are three plugs to unhook after disconnecting the aux 12 volt battery. Pete made a special dolly from angle iron and heavy duty casters. The pack weighs 2000 pounds and is held up with six long bolts. The truck had to be raised high enough to roll the battery out the side. Large jack stands were necessary to make the truck stable. When we opened up the top we found 26 pc1700 odyssey batteries. It was repacked last year. We are not sure who did the work. It would have been nice to consult with him. Our first pass didn't show any distressed batteries. Pete looked down the side to inspect the batteries on the lower rear layer of stacked batteries.He noticed a shiny black substance that looked like melted black plastic. We took the top battery of the stack and pulled the suspect battery. The bottom has large burned spot and smoke marks up the side. The heating pad on the bottom of the pack is burned also. We checked the other batteries and will order a replacement unit.

Pete and I finished the ranger. We put the new battery in. We strapped it in tight and tightend all the connections were could reach without unstacking the batteries on the other end of the pack. We pushed the pack under the truck, lowered the truck, put the bolts in, and raised the truck. We had to take the tires off. We charged the truck. We test drove it. It tested fine. We put the tools away and added up our time and material. It was hard work but the ranger is powerful and smooth. A factory ev with 40 mile range.