We were delighted to have the opportunity to update the electronics on a Cushman Truckster. The old cart was in original condition electronically with resistance controller coils and a selector switch throttle. It had a bad battery pack. The exterior had been repainted along with a new diamond plate tip bed. We started off with a new pack of flooded six volt golf cart batteries. The charger had a bad bridge rectifier and was repaired. At that point, the cart was in original condition and could be driven reliably. The owner drove the cart and proposed removing the resistance coils and switch throttle and updating to modern electronics. We documented the existing configuration and removed the old coils and massive throttle switch. The new parts included a Curtis 1204 controller and a PB5 throttle. We sourced a U shaped thick piece of aluminum to use as a heat sink for the controller. We mounted the controller in the old throttle location with some bracket fabrication. The old contactor was welded closed, so we replaced with a 36 vdc stock part. Although the Truckster came with a circuit breaker, we felt a main fuse would be a good idea. The forward-neutral-reverse switch worked fine, so we used it as the main power disconnect for the high voltage. We studied the motor wiring and used the existing wires but followed the series DC diagram in the curtis manual. The test drive went ok with no bugs. The customer wanted some leds on the dashboard to indicate key on and lights on. The contactor and headlight are activated using 7 volts so we need a few 100 ohm resistors in series with the yellow leds to make them nearly bright. The new controller doesn’t create as much heat as the resistor coils. The new throttle is variable rather than a selector switch. We installed a micro switch on the throttle to provide signal voltage to the controller when the throttle is engaged for safety. We put in an Anderson connector for the charger so it can be disconnected between charges. The Truckster should be used during the summer at local car cruise ins.