The Del Sol came in with a depleted battery pack and other issues. It had 24 Optima Yellow Top 55AH SLA batteries. All dead. We needed a new pack to continue our test of other systems. The accessory battery was dead also. The car has four subpacks. Six up front, eight mid ship down low, four in the spare tire box, and eight more in the rear upper box.The most difficult batteries to replace were in the mid ship lower pack. We took good notes prior to removal and carefully disconnected the Battpro cell equalizers. We cleaned the terminals and carefully installed the batteries. It was difficult to avoid making a spark now and then. The configuration is 1 string of 2 parallel making 144 vdc. Prior to the last connection, I tested the total voltage and used a sacrificial jumper wire to make sure there was no direct short or load when main breaker was in the off position. When connected, we were able to move on to the other systems. With the main breaker on we heard the vacuum pump run and turn off. With the keyswitch on, we tested the high pedal feature of the potbox and the main breaker. The motor spins in neutral. Moves back and forth in gear. Power steering is inoperative due to missing pulley and belt.We installed a new pulley and a 37.5 inch four grove pulley.  There is no way for the driver to deactivate the main breaker from the driver seat. It appears there was a pull cable at one time but must have been removed. We installed a choke cable from the steering column to turn the breaker on and off.  The emeter works and displays 159 volts at full charge. The amp meter works. Two battpro sensors appear to be faulty and will be replaced. The Zivan charger cycled correctly and turned green. The dc-dc converter works but seems to be always hot when the main breaker is on. We recommend a heavy duty 40 Amp relay in the input circuit and the keyswitch to turn it on and off. This will prevent overcharging the accessory battery and draining the main pack. The automatic antenna is defective and will be replace. The accessory battery will be replaced with a flooded starting battery. The del sol conversion was performed by a professional. The fabrication, component quality, and general configuration are first class. The car has lots of torque and drives nice. It has 1320 pounds of batteries. It still has a functioning clutch.I still need to review my notes and make a presentable copy for the customer that includes a list of major components and preflight checklist for safe operation. The most important issue that remains is the future balancing and maintenance of the valuable battery pack. If the battpros do their job, all is well. The leds in the midship subpack are inconvenient to check.  
The power steering works as does the a/c. The battpro regulators are out of production but I was able to find the inventor on the internet and he had two in his lab. We installed them and they appear to work. The accessory battery was replaced with a flooded starting unit. The automatic antenna does not go all the way down when the key is turned off. We replaced the mast and connected the trigger wire to the red key switch radio wire. The antenna wire was frayed at the head unit. We soldered it and added a ground connection. The security door on the head unit is intermittent. If it fails again, we should alter the wiring to make it always open. To access the radio and antenna wiring, we had to remove the console, rear cubby covers, and loosen the decorative panel covering the speaker. We carefully insulated and shrink wrapped the hairball near the controller, leaving the paper labels on their respective wires. We rewrote our notes in owner usable form, including a tag on the main breaker knob that provides startup, shutdown, and charging instructions. I discovered a wire from the cruise control actuator that goes to the controller. We need to test that.